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Drupal link to file

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For example: say I want to link this sentence directly to a pdf file in an atom. How would I do that? Here are my general file linking concerns: If the file name is. I am taking over administering Drupal managed site, very unfamiliar to me. Please can somebody tell me how to upload a File (eg. Pdf) and link. OK, so I want to link a menu item to a file, but I don't want to do a full path because I'm changing the full path eventually from development to.

I've created a content type with a file upload field in it. I'd like users to I do not want users to go to the full node version with the link in it. I want. 10 Jan The Image link to file module is a formatter for image fields that allows you to create a hyperlink from an image field to a file field in the same. Have a client who wants people who click on titles to go automatically to the PDF file. They don't want there to me an intermediate page.

Using Nice Menus how what do I put in the "Path" to link directly to a pdf file and where do I locate that pdf in the drupal file structure - Icreated a. Hi I have created a content type with a field of type file and an image,I then linked that image to a file. In my view I only display an image and. file:///\\server\folder\popular-documents\ For only the link- like-field to be displayed as clickable links, I used jQuery in. Uploading and linking to a new PDF or other file Uploading the file Your site has a files management page, which lists all the files uploaded on your site. You could use webfilemanager and uploading the file to webfm. You then access the file by using /webfm_send/10 where 10 is the number of.

You can edit the fields of the content type and from Manage display tab change the Format settings for the field file2 to URL to file. Check this. 27 Jun Further, the client would from time to time want to revert (temporarily or completely) to a previous version of the file. Drupal node's are no. Drupal Folder. Hit Upload in left-hand corner. Hit Browse (Choose File on Mac) button. Choose the PDF or Word document from your desktop or other folder. 4 Aug To link to a document that is already in Drupal from a Page or other content In the “Search Content” box, begin typing the name of your file.