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Second world war ppt

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31 Mar World War II Power Point. 1. World War II Notes; 2. What was WWII? Largest war in human history. Involved countries. World War Two, PRINCIPAL BELLIGERENTS: Axis powers: Germany; Italy; Japan. Allies: China; Poland; Great Britain; France; Soviet Union, from. -Resentment at the harsh peace of World War One fuelled the rise of Adolf Hitler. Anxious to avoid war, Britain and France chose to appease German territorial.

Introduction to WWII. Adapted from McIntyre at 2. Key Concept: What were the four main causes of WWII? Give an example of each . Beginning of World War II. By: Brian Goodge. “Nature is cruel, so we may be cruel , too I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like. World War II. American History II. Adolph Hitler & Nazi Germany. Adolph Hitler & Nazis given emergency dictatorial powers in March ; Used resentment of.

WORLD WAR II. BY THE NUMBERS Cost- $5 trillion in today's money; 1/3 of world's productive capacity was towards war production; Approximately World War I to World War II (SSWH) (SSUSH19). Causes of World War I. 1. Balkan Nationalism. Causes of World War I. 2. Entangled Alliances. Causes of. 12 Feb World War II. From left to right: Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain . Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy. Prime Minister. What were the major events of World War II from to ? CPWH Agenda for Unit Clicker Review Questions; “World War II: ” notes. To find out how the Second World War started we have to look back at the First World War. This map of Europe shows some of the countries involved. How, and .